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Home Care – Children

Home care services provide a wide range of care and support for children and young people within their own homes. This care is built around the needs, routines and aspirations of the child or young person and their family.

Home care services help to provide care and support to enable children and young people to live the life that matters to them, regardless of any barriers that they face. Home care also helps to encourage the well-being of the child or young person, as well as their family within the home.

All managers of home care services must register with Social Care Wales. The registration is currently open for workers too and this will be mandatory in April 2020.

Home care services aim to:

  • Provide care and support for the social, emotional and physical needs of children and young people and encourage participation in activities of their choice
  • Develop good working relationships with children and young people and their families to support their well-being

Home care is also widely referred to as Domiciliary Care and the two names are often interchangeable when used in job advertisements.

Within home care services you will find roles such as:

  • Domiciliary Care Manager
  • Domiciliary Care Deputy Manager
  • Domiciliary Care Service Co-ordinator
  • Domiciliary Care Senior Worker / Supervisor
  • Domiciliary Care Support Worker

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